Keeping it local.

We believe in supporting our community, our friends and our planet. That’s why we locally source as much of our product as possible. Read below to find out more about our partners in business.
Backwards bread company loaf of bread

Backwards Bread Co.

The bakers at Backwards Bread Co. are on a mission to make wholesome, natural baked goods. Trading in speed for quality, time, and nutrition, they hand-craft artisan loaves made with simple, high-quality local ingredients.

Dogwood Coffee Company

Our espresso and coffee beans come from Dogwood Coffee Company, a small roaster from Minneapolis, Minnesota. We partner with them because they’re committed to cultivating deep relationships and creating the highest quality product.
we carry milk and honey cider company cider

Milk & Honey Ciders

Milk & Honey Ciders produces fine American cider from heirloom and traditional cider apples. Their farmhouse cidery and orchard focuses on interesting, dry, highly aromatic and tannic ciders made in the rolling hills of Stearns County with minimal intervention. We are proud to carry several of Milk & Honey’s unique, delicious brews.

Stony Creek Dairy

We use Stony Creek Dairy hormone- and antibiotic-free milk, cream and slow-churned butter in everything from lattes to cakes. The cattle and creamery are on the same farm, so the products are super fresh! And, their VAT pasteurization process gives the milk a natural, full-bodied flavor.

Small Lot Wine

Our relationship with this small Minnesota-based wine distributor means you won’t find the wines on our list at any other restaurant in St. Cloud. We partner with Small Lot MN because they meticulously curate wines with unique stories and they help us share those stories through our wine dinner events.
spice of life tea shop

Spice of Life

All of our loose leaf teas are sourced from just a couple blocks away. The tea experts at Spice of Life craft their own unique blends of teas and tisanes, growing many of the ingredients themselves.
west central sanitation

Dancing the Land Farm

This non-certified organic farm in Clearwater, MN grows some of the most unique, beautiful and delicious produce around. We use Dancing the Land fruits and vegetables in everything from our housemade soups and chilis to made-from-scratch scones. 

manea's meats

Manea's Meats

Manea’s locally prepared and smoked meats are a staple in many of our soups, chilis and daily specials. This family owned and operated meat market offers unique flavor variations that inspire creativity in our kitchen.
deane's kombucha

Deane's Kombucha

Deane’s Kombucha is brewed in the traditional way; in small batches with the original well-cared for culture. It’s the only Minnesota commercial kombucha brewed in oak barrels, fermented with whole, organic fruit, and in small batches. We are proud to have rotating flavors of Deane’s Kombucha on tap.

Sapsucker Farms

Sapsucker Farms in Mora, MN, is known for their commitment to quality and sustainability. Their organic pure maple syrup is incredible on our french toast and in our espresso drinks.

Emmerich Produce & Pumpkins

Few things make us happier than creating desserts with pie pumpkins from Emmerich Produce and Pumpkins. Or using their beautiful carrots in a hearty soup. Not only is their produce fresh, delicious and free of chemicals, it’s grown only a few miles away in Albany, MN. 

west central sanitation

Serious Jam

Based in St. Paul, MN, Serious Jam creates bright, flavorful preserves using organic and local ingredients. We use their jam for sauces, charceuterie boards and of course, on our toast. 

west central sanitation

West Central Sanitation

From our locally-baked artisan bread to our on-tap kombucha, we value sourcing products and services from other Central MN businesses. It’s no different with our refuse and recycling. We’re proud to partner with locally-owned West Central Sanitation for all our garbage removal needs.